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Intensive Care

Sometimes, following surgery, or when pets have experienced severe trauma, or have come down with a sudden life-threatening illness, they need extra TLC. At times like these, continuous medical support and monitoring may be needed to stabilize pets and keep their vital functions going. Animal Medical Clinic provides for these needs with our intensive care services.

In the intensive care unit of our clinic, we will work to stabilize your pet’s condition; your pet will receive monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen levels. We are equipped to supply intravenous medication, fluids, and oxygen when necessary. Our experienced staff will also continually monitor pain levels and administer medication as needed.

The length of stay in intensive care is determined by the patient’s health condition and the type of ailment. Most pets have a short stay in intensive care because the healing capacity of animals is remarkable.

Dr. Riehl and our staff are here to provide the highest quality care for all of our patients, and especially those who are in critical condition. When your pet is under our care, you can rest assured that we are doing everything possible to restore your loved one to good health and to provide compassion and tenderness along the way.

We are able to provide critical care for patients during our regular office hours. If a patient requires continuous monitoring overnight, he or she will need to be transferred to an emergency animal clinic. We are not able to provide continuous 24-hour care at this time, however, when necessary, we can prepare your pet for transport to an emergency clinic, and your pet can return to us the following day.

Animal Medical Clinic offers intensive care services to pet owners in the Bristol-Johnson City-Kingsport Tri-Cities area and other nearby communities.