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Animal Medical Clinic offers hospice and euthanasia services to pets that are terminally ill and suffering. We perform these services with the tenderness, and expert care that you would expect for your cherished animal companion. We have been providing compassionate care through all phases of your pet’s life, and we will continue the same kind, understanding care when the end of life draws near.

Our doctor and staff have the greatest compassion for animals and for their owners at difficult times such as these. Our main focus is making your pet as comfortable as possible while allowing you to say goodbye. When you bring your animal in for euthanasia services, we give you time with your pet, explain the procedure and what you can expect to happen so that you are prepared. We have hand-chosen medications that make the procedure painless and induces pets to drift off into a peaceful and permanent sleep.

Afterwards, we can assist in the handling of your pet’s remains by returning your pet to you for burial, or by cremation services. Should you choose a private cremation, we offer urns as well as pet memorials.

Watching your beloved pet suffer day after day as he approaches the end of life is a heart wrenching, painful experience. Before you and your pet struggle through one more day, call us at Animal Medical Clinic to learn how we can help you through this difficult time.