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February 10    Mark J Acierno, MBA, DVM, DACVIM



Mark Acierno received his DVM from Mississippi State University in 2000. After an internship in small animal medicine and surgery, he completed an internal medicine residency at Tufts University in 2004. Dr. Acierno spent 12 years at the Louisiana State University developing one of the most advanced nephrology programs in the world.  He is currently a professor at the Midwestern University where his clinical and research interests include hypertension, kidney disease and renal replacement therapies.


 Acute Kidney Injury – an update There is nothing “cute” about AKI

Overview of pathophysiology of some common causes (and a few unusual) causes of kidney injury as well as the, diagnostic work-up. Emphasis is on treatment strategies as well as the importance of proper fluid balance and inexpensive yet highly accurate ways to monitor fluid balance.

Help! Help! I can’t pee!! (Feline Lower urinary tract disease)

We will cover how to work with this frustrating condition. Diagnostic strategies for patients are provided.  We will also discuss which diagnostics the clinicians should perform. Latest recommendations are presented.

Improving the quality of life for cats with Chronic Kidney Disease 

Overviews of congenital (e.g. renal dysplasia / aplasia, Glomerulopathy, Fanconi syndrome, Polycystic kidney disease) and acquired kidney diseases are presented. Diagnostic work up and management strategies of CKD are discussed. Managing the side effects of chronic kidney disease including hydration, hypertension, hypokalemia, hyperphosphotemia and anemia are covered. The importance of diet and feeding tragedies are focused upon including the values of esophagostomy tube, control of nausea and appetite stimulation.

Now how do we turn off this spigot??? (Diagnosing and treating canine Incontinence)

Pathophysiology of canine incontinence is explored. Diagnostic algorithms based on breed and age are presented. Tests from those easily performed in practice to those available only at specialized practices are discussed. Treatment protocols are presented.

In this session we cover common canine urologic issues focusing primarily on incontinence and uroliths. 



Talk touches on the pathophysiology and importance of identifying hypertensive patients. Groups at risk for elevated blood pressure are defined. Emphasis is placed on proper measurement and treatment strategies for control of blood pressure.

Protein Losing Nephropathy

Talk provides a stepwise approach to working through the clinical pathology findings of proteinuria and /or  low serum albumin. Focus is on protein losing nephritis diagnostics and treatment.







December 1, Client Service  Wendy Myers!

 December:   Wendy Myers, Client Service  Wendy S. Myers owns Communication Solutions for Veterinarians Inc., located in Denver, Colorado. Her consulting firm helps veterinary teams and owners improve compliance, client service, and hospital management. Founded in 2000, Communication Solutions for Veterinarians has provided phone skills training to more than 3,500 veterinary team members nationwide. Wendy is an instructor for the AAHA Veterinary Management School. Known for seminars and webinars packed with practical business ideas that can be immediately implemented, Wendy speaks at conventions nationwide. She is the author of five books and five videos and frequently writes for veterinary journals



Gary Norsworthy DVM, Feline Medicine

Back by popular demandDr. Gary D. Norsworthy earned his DVM degree in 1972 from Texas A&M University and has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years. Dr. Norsworthy began writing and lecturing in 1975 and since has published over 30 articles in various veterinary journals. Out of 200 speakers, he was chosen "Speaker of the Year" at the 1998 North American Veterinary Conference in two categories: Small Animal

and Technician.
Dr. Norsworthy is the editor and major author of Feline Practice, a textbook for veterinarians, which was published in 1993 by Lippincott. His second book, The Feline Patient: Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment, was published by Williams and Wilkins in 1998. He is a co-author for two feline continuing education programs on compact disk for Lifelearn V, Inc. His third book, the second edition of The Feline Patient, was published in 2002. He is the only veterinarian in private practice to ever write three feline textbooks.